Reviews of Midnight Tango (featuring Tango Siempre)

“Their playing has the verve and gut-wrenching rhythmic drive associated with the greatest Argentinian bands, and their account of the scores – especially marvels by Astor Piazzolla – has the earthy vitality, the urban chic, so central to tango’s music and steps… here is the tango, raw, intoxicating, speaking with its true voice. For the violinist Ros Stephen, the pianist Jonathan Taylor and their colleagues, much admiration…” – Financial Times

“…outstanding work from Ros Stephen on violin” – The Stage

“The band, the excellent Tango Siempre, play on stage, with taut rhythm and instrumentation” – The Independent

“The excellent house band Tango Siempre play on stage throughout, led by violinist Ros Stephen who can coax sounds from her instrument rarely heard in concert halls.” – Daily Express

“[Tango Siempre]… a superb six-piece band” – The Telegraph

“Whilst the on stage band provide a soundtrack that’s both fiery and sensitive; Ros Stephen’s violin is particularly noteworthy.” – Official London Theatre

“The music is rhythmically strong and beautifully led by the skilled violinist Ros Stephen.” – British Theatre Guide

“special praise must go to Ros Stephen’s soaring violin and Julian Rowlands’ devilishly complex bandoneon” – Bristol Evening Post

Reviews of “For the Ghosts Within”

“Robert Wyatt, that most eloquently lackadaisical of jazz-loving English troubadours, has made some unforgettable albums over his long solo career, but this will rank among the frontrunners. Mingling jazz standards such as Lush Life, In a Sentimental Mood and Round Midnight with a scattering of originals, and imaginatively arranged by violinist Ros Stephen for the poetic Gilad Atzmon’s alto sax and clarinet and a string ensemble.” *****
John Fordham, The Guardian

“The mockney Chet Baker sound of Robert Wyatt singing standards (“Laura”, “Lush Life”, would you believe “What a Wonderful World”?) to the taut yet tender backing of the Sigamos String Quartet was the inspired idea of violinist Ros Stephen… Amazing.”
Phil Johnson, The Independent

“This is the most exquisite album I have heard this year.”
Keith Bruce, Scotland Herald

“The fit between Stephen’s string parts and Wyatt’s voice is extraordinary…” ****
The Sunday Times

“The Ghosts Within typifies the uniqueness of Wyatt’s oeuvre, though on this occasion it’s not just his. Violinist, composer and tango player Ros Stephen plus saxophone tyro and political writer Gilad Atzmon make this an equilateral triangle of talents… Remarkable.” ****

Robert Wyatt’s career has seen him take som e glorious twists and turns through the years as he’s roamed through prog-rock, jazz and experimental pastures. This time out, collaborating with saxaphonist Gilad Atzom, violinist Ros Stephen and the Sigamos String Quartet, Wyatt works his way through a clatter of weatherbeaten standards from the classic songbook and a handful of originals. There’s both grace and playful intent in Round Midnight, In a Sentimental Mood and What a Wonderful World , with that unique, fragile voice playing splendidly against the sweeping strings and sweet sax lines. Add in some Palestinian rapping, a version of Chic’s At Last I Am Free , and stirring originals such as the gorgeous Lullaby for Irena and the title track, and you’ve another Wyatt album to make you cheer his consistent high standards. ****

Irish Times

Reviews of the Sigamos String Quartet

“…the well-tempered, note-perfect string quartet shifting through romance, irony and despair on the point of a pin. The arrangements, mostly by lead violinist Ros Stephen, referenced the original Parker recordings, enhancing mood and delivering contrast. From the opening plunks of “Everything Happens to Me” through the abstract scrapes of “If I Should Lose You” to the world-jazz-driven Atzmon originals, they impressively integrated classical textures with jazz delivery.” (*****) Mike Hobart, Financial Times

“…gorgeous alto playing is cushioned by Stephen’s superlative string arrangements.” –

“…loving renditions complete with lush string backing from the Sigamos String Quartet” – The Scotsman

Reviews of Violin Globetrotters

“…style has been closely imitated and the pieces are likely to be more satisfying for students to play than authentic tunes, which are harder to master … This book as an educational package is second to none, with fresh and lively presentation and violin accompaniments, technical warm-ups and backing tracks for each picece, as well as piano parts in PDF format on the enhanced CD. Thoroughly recommended for a varied musical diet.” – (*****) Helena Ruinard, Music Teacher, February 2011

“Everything is set out clearly and attractively, together with explanation of the different types of music and – really helpfully – some suggested warm-ups are included to help the player grasp the specific points to be learnt in each piece. I think this book is brilliant and good value – with a lot of variety – and I heartily recommend it as a fun and enriching addition to whatever else your students are learning.” – Vivienne Blumfield, ESTA News and Views, Spring 2011

Reviews of Cello Globetrotters

“As a collection of works to enthuse aspiring cellists – suitable for beginner to intermediate players – this book ticks all the boxes . . . with a nicely recorded CD performed by an excellent band, which includes guitar, accordion, clainet and percussion. Following the usual format for these books, the pieces appear on the CD with and without the cello, so that they can be used as backing tracks. And it’s all such fun – from the laid-back loveliness of bossa nova-styled Relaxing in Rio to the pentatonic wanderings of Shanghai Rickshaw Ride or the 3/4 versus 6/8 pull of Iguazu Rapids. . . Stephen includes a useful section at the back with exercises for each piece, focusing on particular aspects of technique or interpretation. . . There’s a tricker cello accompaniment part for each piece too, and the CD includes PDFs of piano accompaniments with guitar symbols. Every bass is covered in this well thought out and worthwhile collection.” – Catherine Nelson, The Strad, December 2011

“The accompanying CD provides performance tracks to listen to, which are all recorded with a live band. These are realistic, but with a simply-played cello melody line, which would enable a pupil to emulate a similar tone. The CD has backing tracks for the pupil to play along with, using manageable tempos. There are also interesting cello accompaniment parts, so that pieces should be enjoyable for both pupil and teacher when playing as a duet . . . The warm-ups allow the pupil to gradually build up the techniques required in order to play the pieces, which are all clearly explained. The melodies are catchy so pupils would enjoy playing them, probably without realising the technical things that they may be learning as a result. All in all, a very well presented, explained and enjoyable teaching accessory!” – Laura Seddon, Arco (ESTA) September 11

Reviews of Argentinian Tango and Folkloric Music for Violin

…As for the accompanying CD for Ros Stephen’s Argentinian Tango and Folk Tunes for Violin, I’d be very happy to listen to it as a performance in itself. Stephen plays the violin parts – some are solo some are duets – accompanied in fine style by either guitarist Javier Fioramonti or Julian Rowlands on bandoneon… This is a really appealing book, and great value for money.” – Catherine Nelson, The Strad

This edition represents the immensely rich and varied music of Argentina… all pieces are expertly played by violinist Stephen. Her extensive notes enable one to get the best out of this colourful and exciting music” – Mary Nemet, Australian String Teachers Association.