Here are a few examples of my recent work:

Intimate Film Trailers for BMG Production Music

Cello Investigations on Gothic Storm:

Chain of Custody by Ros Stephen

Cross Contamination by Ros Stephen

Prestissimo on Gothic Storm

 Vivaldissimo by Ros Stephen and Nick Tzios

String Fury by Ros Stephen and Nick Tzios

Sombre yet Hopeful Intros on Gothic Storm

Echoes of Time by Ros Stephen

Hidden Darkness by Ros Stephen

Event Movie on Gothic Storm

Odyssey by Hannu Honkonen and Ros Stephen

Posessed Children on Gothic Storm

Petrifying Porcelainby Ros Stephen and Sergiu-Dan Muresan

Folksy Fiddles Album on Lovely Music:

Click here to listen

Tense Strings FX – String Sound Design Album on Gothic Toolworks

Click here to listen